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the healing ability of our own awareness…

June 1, 2012

i am really learning, really experiencing, the amazing healing power of pure awareness…awareness is what we ultimately are….one of the qualities of awareness is simple ‘allowingness’…awareness embraces does not judge, does not fear, does not worry, it simply allows things to be as they are and experiences them….when i can be in that space of simple awareness, caressing my body in this lovely awareness… if something is out of balance, the body will correct itself on it’s own….it is not a quick process… it takes time to sit in this pure awareness, and then it takes time for the body to balance, to heal, to restore itself….and if something more is needed to help the body to re-balance, i am naturally led to it, whether that is another healing modality, or uncovering the hidden emotions such as fear or worry that exist underneath the pain, or movement, or rest, or something nutritionally…and the more and more i dip into the blissful pool of my own awareness, the easier and easier it gets, and the better my body feels despite any aches or pains that might be in there….awareness of body and breath is a portal to peace….

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