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june contemplation and pose of the month…

June 19, 2012

here is the contemplation for june…hard copies available at class


for the past two months (may and june) we have been focusing on the warrior poses…warrior 1 and warrior 2 – (the sanskrit names are virabhadrasana 1 and virabhadrasana 2)…once you begin to get enough spinal opening and experience what it feels like to have an open spine, the standing warrior poses teach you how to use your legs for strength instead of your spinal muscles…and you realize that your legs are stronger when your spine is released and open…and to build true strength and stamina, instead of widening the stance (which will only cause you to tighten your spine) you keep your stance  moderate and hold the pose for longer periods of time…as you lean into your bones and count on your bones to support you, it will help your spine to release which builds stamina ….and stamina is more important than strength…you need stamina to get through busy days more than you need strength…so relax and soften into those warrior poses…and cultivate your inner warrior ….

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