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this and that meanderings…july 1, 2012

July 1, 2012

Hot day today…the heat always forces me to slow down and not do … and if I do do, I do things more slowly…and when I give in to the heat and move at it’s pace, I am grateful for the lesson of it’s yoga…..this morning I gave myself a very long shavasana  guided awareness practice….began to feel my bones inside…this deep inner absorption then informed my asana practice in that I could feel the poses more deeply, could feel the alignment my bones were in, could feel how if I just moved this arm one or two inches toward my midline how it changed the effects of the pose… it was a very non doing, restorative practice session… although sometimes I get frustrated with the slowness, the not doing style of Svaroopa® Yoga…sometimes I worry that I am going to succumb to my inherent laziness and not do anything anymore….ever…

Later on in the day, as I was vacuuming layers of sanding dust in forward part of our boat, putting my body into small spaces, holding the vacuum cleaner steadily with one arm… I was grateful for my morning practice as I could feel my body more deeply, and would reposition myself so that I was using the muscles that only needed to be used, so that my actions, my doing, became more efficient and easier…efforting without the effort…it was less like work and more enjoyable…

And just a few moments ago, as an afternoon rain shower came through, I sprinted out to the patio area to bring in the multitude of boat cushions that I had put out yesterday for some fresh air and sunshine…and I was again grateful for my morning practice and the heat of the day for both had given me the deep rest that I needed so when a burst of activity and movement was called for, I could do so without it being difficult or  burdensome…it was actually fun and refreshing…

A nursing colleague sent me this link today  which I can very easily relate to…busyness….always something to do…always something next on a long list of things to do…my mind seems to be constantly ahead of my body and what it is doing…as I was drying my hair this morning I found myself  thinking about all the things I wanted/needed to get done today and soon found myself a bit overwhelmed…already zapped of energy and the day was only just beginning…when really all I needed to do in that moment was to dry my hair….how doable and simple was that?

I am learning the value of staying with my body, of keeping awareness into the body as it is always in the present moment…and what I notice is when I succeed at this, all the doings that need to be done get done without so much effort and struggle, and the things that don’t get done simply don’t get done and there is no problem… and so am learning to value both the doing and the not doing…and there is peace…

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  1. Helen Kosmo permalink
    July 2, 2012 12:44 am

    I totally relate Sarah! I think this is my lesson: to stay in the moment and trust all will be well. This morning my plan was to visit my elderly ladies, go to Hannifords then mow the lawns. Well there was a road block every step of the way? I forgot things then the ladiies needed extra attention then I ran out of gas in the mower then my dad came to visit then there was a downpour of rain and my plan was squashed. But I had to laugh and realize let it go and enjoy the visit with my dad and his wife as well as the rain. Every moment off life is a gift! Namaste. Helen

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