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this is what i want to say to you….

May 1, 2012

arising from my morning practice today…taking in my own blessing and then passing it on to you….

may you let all the inner things be,

the thoughts, feelings and desires that arise in your own Self

may you neither grasp onto the pleasant ones, nor resist the unpleasant

may you let them all be… and may you let them all in

and go beyond….. to experience the bliss that holds them both

may you let all the outer things be

experiencing the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant

neither grasping nor resisting

may you let them all be… and may you let them all in

and go beyond… to experience the bliss that loves them both

The healing aspects of Svaroopa® Yoga

April 9, 2012

Svaroopa®Yoga is an amazingly healing style of yoga due to it’s focus on core opening and the resulting decompression of the spine.  Physically, all sorts of aches and pains diminish or are banished as internal organs have more space, nerves are no longer impinged upon, and blood supply increases.  Many self-limiting and stress related disorders will clear up with an ongoing practice of the poses.   If the physical benefits were the only thing that Svaroopa®Yoga delivered, it would be enough.  However, it goes deeper than that.  The concurrent emphasis on Ujjayi Pranayama, Shavasana, and guided awareness, allows for a healing of the mind and the emotions.  Mental chatter and  worrisome, anxiety producing thoughts vanish, and emotions are able to move through one’s being without getting stuck in negative emotional patterns.  A peaceful, serene feeling begins to manifest itself.  Although Svaroopa® Yoga is not medicine, it is extremely healing and is excellent therapy for the body and mind.

this is what i want to say to you….12/29/11

January 6, 2012

this is what came out of my yoga practice on 12/29/11:

This is what I want to say to you:

Stop efforting… just stop   ride your breath instead of your thoughts, ride your body sensations instead of your thoughts,  let the thoughts be in the background, a distant chatter that begins to fade more and more as you let them be…  let the mind do it’s churning… without the power of your awareness, the mind will lose it’s energy and will wear itself out…use your yoga practice to ride your breath or your sensations and give your mind a rest …let it wear itself out a bit, it will slow down and eventually stop…




then there is peace and calm…


you do not need to think that much you know…you do not need to figure things out as much as you try to…things have a way of figuring themselves out if you give them the space and don’t hurry them…how could any thing be figured out before it’s time?  An impossibility…And really, there is no thing to figure out anyway…just another ride to experience


So just stop…sink into yourself and hang out there for a while…be curious…see what happens…inside and outside

“this and that…”

January 5, 2012

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