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come in for some blanket time…restful…nourishing…healing

I offer private and semi-private 30 or 60 minute sessions designed to best meet your goals and needs.  Yoga is a wonderfully healing practice for the body and the mind, but it only works if you practice on a consistent basis.  My goal and desire is that after a few sessions you will begin to incorporate a bit of yoga into your daily life and make it your own.

Shavasana Interludes

An interlude is a time of pausing, of resting, of inserting something peaceful into your busy life.  For thirty minutes you experience the deep peace of non-doing as I guide you through breathing and awareness practices.


Slow Yoga

A bit of shavasana and breathing followed by a few delicious and easy poses chosen specifically for your body and mind.  60 minutes of bliss.

baby brook pose

Please wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers

Private & Semi-Private classes available

Per hour rate of $60 per hour or $40 per hour for 6 sessions

24 hour notice required for cancellation of appointment

Make an appointment for session here


  As healing as yoga is, it is not medicine.  Yoga Therapy can be part of your health care program and will substantially help your own inner healing mechanism to function to it’s maximum potential.  The practice of yoga works well with traditional western medicine, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy. 

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