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More from a student’s perspective…

ahhh…the bliss of shavasana… feline style

“What a terrific class last evening!! Thank you so much….your soft, gentle, calming voice guiding us through the yoga poses is an experience in itself.   I always LOVE coming and it’s so soothing and relaxing, especially after having worked all day.  So thank you so much for all your wonderful, caring efforts to help us experience the most out of these classes.”


I wanted to let you know how incredible I felt after class on Friday. Most of the tension I had been feeling in my neck was completely gone. The sequence and series of poses were just what I needed. I am so grateful for this yoga and the wonderful energy you bring to class. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

ahhh...the bliss of shavasana...canine style

ahhh…the bliss of shavasana…canine style

“Yoga was on my ‘To Do List” for many years. I even purchased a yoga mat, which stayed in my closet.  I read about yoga, watched classes on TV and spoke with family and friends about it……then I found Sarah and Shavasana Yoga. Even with my very unpredictable work schedule, Sarah was able to schedule a convenient time for my first individual session. It was more than I ever hoped for. That night I slept through the night (for 9 hours), the first time in over 20 years! During the day I had more energy and a feeling of true bliss.  I remember Sarah saying, “You will be able to incorporate these poses into your Yoga practice.”  I thought…. My Yoga practice…what empowering words those were. The private sessions gave me the confidence and desire to attend some group classes and I find the private sessions and group classes compliment each other. I occasionally need the guidance of the individual sessions, but love what happens during the small group classes, sharing and participating in this wonderful experience with other people. Yoga is finally a part of my everyday life. I cannot imagine living without it.” 

  “After my first class, I immediately felt a physical relaxation and over time, have found myself to be more flexible, less tense, and there is an ease in my ability to relax day to day.  The weekly yoga class has created a space where I can go to find a sense of calm and clarity that then flows into my every day life.  In addition to the physical soothing escape that the yoga class offers, there is also a mental benefit to be gained from Sarah’s class readings which have helped me to focus on and appreciate life more from moment to moment.  Thank you Sarah and Svaroopa!” 

“Svaroopa® is my first and only yoga I have ever done and it has been the best investment in my health.  I go away feeling totally centered.  I had neck problems that have improved, and I feel more flexible and over all, feeling great.  Thanks so much Sarah. ”

“I look forward to every session of Svaroopa® Yoga – participating in the poses, meditating before, during and after class – and have experienced an overall improved sense of well being.”

“I have practiced Svaroopa® Yoga for many years with  a number of different teachers.  I am new to Maine and was delighted to find a Svaroopa® class right around the corner!  For me, yoga has always been a form of self- massage, for both my body and mind, there is nothing quite like it.  Sarah loves Svaroopa® Yoga, and when you are in her class, you will benefit from her love.  You will always leave class with more than when you entered. ”

“Yoga has had an amazing impact on my life and Sarah has been a huge part factor in that equation. Sarah has an ease and confidence in her instructions which cultivates a welcoming and relaxing environment that allows me to genuinely and completely experience peace.”


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